• Our Vision !

    Our Vision is to provide all a better experience of Online education and to enhance the modern way of teaching and learning through digital medium.

  • What's First bench ?

    Firstbench is Nepal’s first online teaching and learning platform for the students of grade 6-12. Using high tech, First Bench is designed to help students simplify the problems and challenges they face while learning. Firstbench not only focuses on delivering the course contents but also helps students to improve their performance with practise questions and clearing doubts features. It is the platform which facilitates students to learn, clear their doubts, attend tests and to grow themselves and an easy medium for teachers to deliver their teaching material to any students around the country.

  • Change in Education.

    Different courses students learn at school helps them to understand and pass examinations but is that really enough ? A foundation of a successful long term career takes place when students have a clear idea of the subjects they are learning.

    This can only happen when learning takes place with simplicity and ease. That’s where we come in. First Bench is the go-to after school learning platform that not only helps students get better grades but also encourages them to a better future with deeper understanding. We make learning simplified.

Continue learning from anywhere.

Now you can learn anything anywhere anytime from your phone. Test your ability with competitive mock tests and practice questions

FirstBench app Coming Soon on iOS and Android.

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